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Impact Entrepreneurship Group is a Canadian non-profit youth-run organization. Founded in 2004, it aims to foster and develop entrepreneurship among university and high school students. It has offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Waterloo, Ontario. To fulfill it's aim, Impact has a number of different programs and initiatives to promote youth entrepreneurship and leadership, both at the local and national level. The organization currently consists of over 100 student volunteers across Canada.

A former employee said this on Indeed "Pretty demanding in terms of what you need to learn and how much you need to remember in the time given. They praise their culture but it will be different to everyone. Expect low pay for the quantity of work. Certain departments are better than others in terms of their team and organization. Most departments don't have room to grow, so don't expect to stay unless you're willing to stay stagnate. Do not work at Impact".


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manufacturing (Former Employee) says

"a work day the employee will woprk athe whole shift and two supervisors is not needed to correct a face label problem the managers want to suceed its a poor environment with low education the peop!le say their black learning the correct way to communicate with black people smiling"

Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"For 40 hours of work per week, you don't even bring home $200. The work is easy, the people are nice, great atmosphere to work in. They really should pay more though. Cons: Low pay"

Volunteer Work (Former Employee) says

"It was a volunteer anti-bullying campaign that improved the overall school environment. I learned how to effectively work in a team environment to achieve the necessary goals"

Janitorial/Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"It is stressful because you may have a short period of time to clean a huge area, but the coworkers are really friendly and the work gets fun somehow."

Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Always have something different to work on .But always lack communication on job info. Manager just sat in his office and never followed up on your questions. Cons: Long hours"

District Manager Antwerpen (Former Employee) says

"Er heerst een professionele sfeer op het kantoor."

C Jones says

"The system is complex, dated and frustrating to use. I've unfortunately not had the same customer service experience as others. We will no longer be using BI."

Megon Provart says

"I believe there should be an easier way to log hours and attach to organizations. It would be much better if those were on the same page, rather than logging into one account on to the other."

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